Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Last Few Days in NZ

I haven't made many posts lately because of finals, which I think went well, but the last few days I've had off and got to do a few fun things around Dunedin.
Went in to the gardens again to read for a little while the other day.  In some places it still looks like summer.

Got one of these fancy New Zealand coffees

I went on a scenic train ride, I thought it was really cool, some of the cars were newer and some had a more classic feel like this one.  The tracks went through the Taieri Gorge, so it was really scenic, had some impressive engineering, and some cool history about the development of Central Otago

Wingatui Viaduct, one of the world's largest wrought iron structures

They used to have these tiny remote towns along the line back in the day

A border collie statue in honor of the sheep herding dogs

The Rock and Pillar Range

This is where we turned around, seemed pretty remote

An awesome, very isolated house, now owned by the railroad and used as a vacation spot

Hiked up Signal Hill to look out over Dunedin on my last day.  I took about the same pictures 5 months ago, but it's still a good view of the city, plus it was windy and freezing this time

This "young woman" is supposed to symbolize the future or something like that, way too creepy though

My final view over Dunedin.  Flying out tomorrow, crazy how fast it went